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Helena E. Kerekhazi MS, N.R.N.P. Biofeedback and BRAINMAPPING Provider, Neuroscientist, Researcher, Public Speaker and Educator

Braincare provides the highest quality brainmapping for Healthcare Providers available for customizing the best brain function.

For immediate answers to your questions about our services please email here or contact us at 914-315-6868

Now in Greenwich CT, Westchester, NY and Manhattan

Skype and Phone Consults, We Love Biofeedback over the Internet

Our brain imaging has helped to identify brainwave patterns associated with many functional deficits.

What is qEEG / Brain Mapping?

Quantitative Electroencephalography (qEEG) is a procedure that processes the recorded EEG activity from a multi-electrode recording using a computer. This multi-channel EEG data is processed with various algorithms, such as the “Fourier” classically, or in more modern applications “Wavelet” analysis). The digital data is statistically analyzed, sometimes comparing values with “normative” database reference values. The processed EEG is commonly converted into color maps of brain functioning called “Brain maps”.

The EEG and the derived qEEG information can be interpreted and used by experts as a clinical tool to evaluate brain function, and to track the changes in brain function due to various interventions.


Why Brainmapping?

Brainmapping tells us which pathways are operating and which are involved in the losses so that health professionals can target their protocols to the appropriate areas and identify the best corresponding therapies. This saves time and money for all concerned! But the most important effect it has is that the functions can be more quickly restored for the individual.

  Focusing Issues and Learning Disabilities for both Children and Adults

As an educator, we have been working with focus, attention, learning disabilities,auditory and visual processing, sensory integration, handwriting, sersory motor, environmental sensitivities of special needs students for over 25 years in school settings and in our office. Our brainmapping has given us amazing insights and qualifications to work with this population. We have helped fine tune many special education school plans to better match student's needs to help them get services that they need to become better students.

Attention and focus issues may and do often occur simultaneously with learning disabilities. 

Functional deficits that have not responded well to standard protocols may often be due to one area compensating for others. This is often seen in cases where progress has not been made from the services offered. When properly identified, learning disabilities can be identified, addressed, and students can begin to succeed in the classroom.

We receive referrals for brainmaps from psychiatrists, doctors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, teachers, school systems, hospitals, chiropractors, nutritionists and other healthcare providers looking for insights in Westchester County, Manhattan, and from around New York State, as well as in Greenwich, Connecticut.  

We consult over the phone and Skype, nationally and internationally. Just arrange for a consult and send us your information. We would be happy to see if we can help!

We are also available to come to your office to perform our brainmapping assessments. This can be a valuable addition to any practice to help you customize your protocols to the individual needs of your clients.


Helena Kerekhazi is not a medical doctor but she is certified to provide brainmapping and biofeedback. Her certifications include N.R.N.P, B.C.I.A., she has a Masters in Education and Special Needs Technology summa cum laude, and she is currently finishing her Ph.D. in Neuropsychology. 


Helena E. Kerekhazi MS, N.R.N.P.
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